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Dental Care for All Ages in Tampa

Tampa Family Dentist
Tampa Family Dentist

For excellent dental care for your children, your spouse, and yourself, you need look no further than here at the office of Randall A. Diez, DMD, where our Tampa family dentist caters to the specific needs of each age group, and each individual.

Our most valuable and essential service of all is equally important to kids as it is to adults. We are referring to a visit two times per year to have a complete dental exam, periodic x-rays, and teeth cleanings. It is the ultimate in preventive care, reducing the risk for cavities and gum disease, and allowing for existing signs of them to be dealt with promptly so that the more serious consequences of them do not come to pass. If you or your child need a filling, our Tampa family dentist takes care of it immediately. Children have unique needs that are related to their baby (primary) teeth and the transition that occurs when they begin to fall out and the adult (permanent) ones begin to erupt. We can assure you that she or he will feel comfortable and at ease here. Our office is pleasant and welcoming; our staff friendly and patient; and our Tampa family dentist attentive and gentle. His or her attitudes about dentistry now and in the future will be formed by these first experiences. We make certain they are good ones. As for you, the benefits of our wide range of treatments as well as our dedication to utilizing the most advanced technology, are clear. Take advantage of our same day CEREC crowns, pinhole gum rejuvenation, dental implants, and Opalescence teeth whitening, among others. We even offer emergency dental care, so you know you can turn to us for your urgent needs and those of your child.

Because of our dental care for all ages, you need less time out of your busy schedule to tend to the oral well-being of everyone in your family. It’s all done expertly under one roof. Call us to arrange an appointment.

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