Tampa Clear Braces

Tampa Clear Braces

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Clear Braces in Tampa

When people first heard of clear braces, they could be forgiven for thinking the idea was too good to be true. But here at the dental practice of Randall A. Diez, DMD, we want you to have the straightest, most appealing smile. That requires having properly aligned teeth, and Invisalign is the way to get that done efficiently, without the drawbacks that are so closely linked to traditional braces.

Let’s discuss what sets our Tampa clear braces apart from the metal ones that are so familiar. Despite the fact that advancements have been made in the construction of traditional braces, there are certain features that simply cannot change based on their nature. Our Tampa clear braces are invisible. Made out of clear plastic, you put them on and other people will not realize that you are having orthodontic treatment. You won’t be subject to anyone staring or asking any nosy questions. That alone would be reason to recommend them, but there’s a lot more. They are comfortable, without any irritation or soreness being associated with them. And you can remove them. That should only be done to eat, brush, and floss. Otherwise, they stay in all the time, working to reposition your teeth. But those times they do come out allow you to eat all your favorite foods without restriction. And your oral hygiene is going to be more effective. In addition, you’ll have more time for other things since you only need come in about every six weeks for checkups during treatment. Metal braces require more frequent visits to our office.

So, are you a good candidate for our Tampa clear braces? All it takes to make sure is a consultation and examination by our cosmetic dentist. Contact us right now to arrange a convenient time for your appointment.

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